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Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Map

Uttar Pradesh Map

2,38,566 sq.kms
Hindi, Urdu
Surfaced - 11,421
8,911 kms
Best Visit Time
October to March
June to September

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Map of Uttar Pradesh

India's most populous State, Uttar Pradesh is also the fourth largest state in the country. The Ganges River forms the backbone of Uttar Pradesh, and most of the state consists of the vast Ganges plain. The Ganges is the sacred river of Hinduism, and four of the religion's seven holy towns are in the state, including Varanasi, the holiest of them all. Uttar Pradesh is also a place of major importance to Buddhists, for it was at Sarnath, just outside Varanasi, that the Buddha first preached his message.But there's more to Uttar Pradesh than just religion, though. The scenic north-western corner has hill stations sprinkled along the foothills of the Himalayas, that boasts excellent trekking and rises to form some of the highest mountains in India. No part of the country has more to offer the visitor, be he interested in relaxation, culture or the awesome, exquisite beauty of the Taj.Popularly referred to as the "Hindi Belt", Uttar Pradesh has been the most dominant state in Indian politics and culture since independence and has produced more than half of India's prime ministers.