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West Bengal

West Bengal Map

West Bengal Map

88,752 sq kms
Surfaced: 45,569 kms
3,768 kms
Best Visit Time
October to March
June to September

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Map of West Bengal

From Himalayan heights to the tea ranges, from plantation country to the flourishing jute fields of the fertile plains of great rivers, from the great plains to that deltaic hive of massed humanity, throbbing industry and explosive politics, West Bengal has a varied terrain stretching from the northern highlands at the feet of the Himalayas to the tropical forests of the Sunderbans.West Bengal has a long history that pre-dates the Aryan invasion of India. It was an integral part of successive empires'that ruled the region. This land was also the cradle of Indian renais-X sance and the national freedom movement. West Bengal is now considered the cultural centre of India and its artistic genius is reflected in its theatre, music, literature, films and paintings. A land of aesthetes and political activists, West Bengal is famous for its many eminent writers, poets, artists, spiritualists, social reformers, freedom fighters and revolutionaries. There is seldom a dull moment here, especially in Kolkata, one of the great cities of the world.