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Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Map

Tamil Nadu Map

1,30,058 sq.kms
Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada
Surfaced: 1,39,729 kms
3,999 kms
Best Visit Time
November to March
October to December

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Map of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Map The cradle of Dravidian culture, Tamil Nadu is steeped in history and tradition. Relatively uninfluenced by foreign invaders, here much of ancient India survives in its purest form in its customs, in its towering temple architecture, in its dances and costumes. Here life is more leisurely and more traditional.Temples in Tamil Nadu were the fulcrum of society and even today art forms that have; their origin in religious worship continue to colour daily life. Notable among these are the splendid bronzes of deities, painting on glass and Bharatanatyam, an evocative dance form. Magnificently sculptured temples, richly woven silks, colourful festivals, cool hill stations and wide beaches are but some of the attractions of this fascinating land that is today one of the country's most prosperous and economically advanced States.